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DN Partners is a full-service law firm specializing in corporate law and corporate law services with its expert lawyer staff. Our legal professionals specialize in a wide range of legal areas, including commercial and business law. DN Partners offers foreign investors not only incorporation services, but also subsidiary corporate services such as virtual office, accounting, tax compliance and local administration services. Our expert lawyers can help you open a company in Turkey, open a bank account, establish a limited company, joint stock company, free zone, etc. It will help you with many things you want to know.

Table Of Contents

• Incorporation of Turkish company

• Company Types In Turkey

•Virtual office service for Turkish companie

•Accounting and book-keeping services

• Local directorship services

• Opening Bank Account in Turkey open company in Turke Incorporation of Turkish company

Our expert lawyers provide opening company in Turkey service in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Antalya. DN Partners provides its services in English, Russian, Persian and Turkish and with years of expertise.

Foreign investors can establish a company like limited liability company (LLC) or joint stock company (JSC) in Turkey. DN Partners can help you to choose the best company type for your company formation in Turkey.

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Foreign investors do not need to visit Turkey to open company in Turkey. All of opening company in Turkey steps can be completed with the power of attorney issued to our lawyer. The scope of the incorporation steps will be completed by our lawyers are as follow:


1) The preparation of the opening a business documents (Memorandum and Articles of Association);

2) Filing the opening a company papers with the Turkish Companies Register and tax registration;

3) Registering the company with the tax authorities and other institutions in the city it will operate.

4) Obtaining various licenses related to the activity/activities to be completed by the company.

Turkey is one of the countries that allows transit trading. Foreign investors who are transit trading can easily open a company in Turkey with the services we provide.

DN Partners is a one-stop-shop for foreign investors want to open company in Turkey or relocate their business in Turkey. We also provide subsidiary corporate services such as:

1- Virtual office service for Turkish companies: It is mandatory to have a registered address for Turkish companies. The client should decide where the headquarter of its Turkish company will be before incorporation. We help our clients in virtual office and mailbox services referring to their demand.

2- Accounting and book-keeping services: It is obligatory to outsource accountant in Turkey in Turkish company. DN Partners will provide you an English speaker accountant expert in international tax matters.

3- Local directorship services: Foreign investors can remotely control their company with the assistance of the local director we can provide from our accounting team. Clients who are interested in this service can reach our team.


DN Partners can open bank account for foreign entities or Turkish companies. Foreign investors do not need to visit Turkey or file their documents to the banks in Turkey.

Foreign investor do not visit to Turkey to open bank account, with the Power of Attorney issued to our lawyers; DN Partners can open the corporate bank account of Turkish company only in 1 business day.

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